“Mark is a rare find in the worlds of science and science communication: he knows his stuff; he is wildly passionate; and he can get his message across and spread his enthusiasm!” 

Dr Gary Kerr, science communication scholar

“I could only marvel at the depth of his knowledge and how easily he wore his own learning when dealing with ordinary people… It is rare to find someone of Mark’s universal talents in science”. 

Roy Davies, BAFTA-nominated editor of BBC’s Timewatch


Space, Time, Machine and Monster: The Worlds of Doctor Who

Mark Brake and Jon Chase

Mark and Jon use a mixture of smart discussion, and even smarter music and rap, to engage the TEDxCardiff audience in the science and mythology of Doctor Who.

Edinburgh Science Festival

The Science of Doctor Who

Mark Brake and Jon Chase

As Doctor Who nears its 50th anniversary, the Edinburgh Science Festival takes a look at the science behind the TV series with Author Mark Brake and rapper Jon Chase. The pair tour the highly entertaining ‘The Science of Doctor Who” around the UK.

Hay Festival 2012

The Science of Doctor Who

Mark Brake and Jon Chase

Aliens and time machines, cyborgs and Daleks, Utopias and killer computers: take a journey through the fantastic worlds of The Doctor. With rap songs, scientific facts and much merriment and mirth, the author rapper duo explore the Universe of The Doctor.

“Mark Brake has a rare ability to distill complex science into material that’s accessible to the lay person and then present it in a way that’s fresh and exciting. He grabs your interest and leads you by it out through the cosmos!”

Andrew Ball, Technology Advisor

“The combination of your breadth of knowledge, ability to engage with the CBBC approach to the subject and supportive enthusiasm has been really appreciated by all the team. As has your understanding of the deadlines to which we have been working and your speed of response when called upon”.

Series Producer, Space Hoppers, CBBC

“He has completely grasped the concept I have been developing, and has helped me to take the project forward while getting the tone of the text and visual approach exactly right for the target age range (9 years and upwards).

I commissioned Mark because of his proven background as a communicator and ‘popularizer’ of science subjects. He has lived up to this reputation, and the sheer enthusiasm he brings to the task is a huge benefit to us… It is a pleasure to deal with him on a daily basis”.

Senior Editor, Kingfisher non-fiction